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Li’l Feet Dance Studio

2016 Handbook






A. Dressing Rooms

            Dressing rooms are not play areas and should be kept neat and quiet.  Items may be left in dressing room during class however Dover School of Performing Arts/Li’l Feet Dance Studio is not responsible for theft or damages to personal property.    Any items left in the dressing room will be placed into lost and found.  At the end of each month, any items remaining in lost and found will be donated to charity.


  B.  Bathrooms

            Bathrooms are not play areas.  Please use them only for their intended purpose.  For health reasons, please do not leave soiled diapers at the studio. 


  C.  Waiting Room/Observation Area

            This is a quiet area.  Visitors are welcome to observe class from the observation window; however, the blinds may be closed if an observer creates a distraction during class.  Blinds will also be closed during rehearsal.  While in the observation area please do not touch the glass or stand on the furniture.  Children may sit quietly with a parent or guardian but are not to be left unattended and they may not run or raise their voices inside.  Parents may be asked to take disruptive children outside.


 D. Safety

            Children must be in the presence of a responsible adult at all times.  Parents of 3 and 4 year olds should remain on or near the premises during class.  Please inform the desk if you plan to step out.  Children are not permitted to leave the facility unless accompanied by an adult. Cover ups should be worn outside the studio.  Dance shoes should NEVER be used as a street shoe!


E. Information Area/In-studio communication.

             The studio makes every attempt to keep everyone  informed regarding all studio happenings (rehearsals, closures, deadlines, etc.). The three methods most used are the Information Area (located in the lobby) , email and text.  Please check these three  resources regularly. 

            It is impractical if not impossible for the studio to contact each individual with every piece of information.  If you do not have email, you must check the Information Area at least once a week to stay informed. 


About the Classroom

  A.  Conduct and Etiquette

            Please observe the following rules while in the classroom:


·         No street shoes

·         No food

·         No gum

·         No hanging on barre

·         No running/horseplay

·         No touching the mirrors/observation window

·        Do not enter classroom without instructor present

·         Persons arriving late to class must knock and wait to be invited into the classroom

·         No interrupting class

·         Parents may not enter the classrooms during class

·         Instructors may remove a student from class for any reason at any time.


  B.  Causes for Suspension, Expulsion or Refusal of Service

            Our goal is to cultivate a safe, and  positive, atmosphere for all our members.

            The following are reasons for suspension or expulsion:

·         Theft

·         Lying

·         Smoking in the facility

·         Possession or use of:

o   Drugs

o   Alcohol

o   Weapons

o   Incendiaries


·         Leaving classroom/studio without permission Entering unauthorized areas

·         Unruly or inappropriate behavior

·         Inappropriate touching

·         Inappropriate dress

·         Inappropriate language

·         Failure to participate during class

·         Bullying

About the Student

  A.  Preparedness

     1.  Hair

            Hair must be secured in a bun or high ponytail  before entering class.  All items required to make a bun may be purchased at a dollar store, drugstore, or Wal-Mart. Children with short hair must pull it back into a ponytail if it is long enough.  If the hair is too short for a ponytail, a zigzag hair band may be used to keep the hair pulled away from the face.

            Instructors should not be asked or expected to fix hair.  Students entering class without the proper hair will be sent out of class to fix it.  .  Your cooperation is appreciated.


B. Clothing

No jewelry is permitted in the classrooms except earrings. That means no necklaces or bracelets or rings.


C. Timeliness

            Students must enter classes prepared and on time.  They should arrive at the studio early enough to dress and fix their hair before class begins. The studio typically opens 15 minutes before the first class is scheduled.  If this does not afford a student enough time to prepare, arriving dressed and ready is recommended.

            Upon arrival at the studio, tardy students must knock and wait to be admitted to the classroom by the instructor. Students arriving late by 15 minutes or more may, at the teacher’s discretion, be asked to observe class and not participate due to possible risk of injury.    A courtesy call if you will be late in picking a student up after class would also be appreciated.


D. Attendance

            In order for students to progress, it is important to attend class regularly.  It is the expectation that parent or guardian will make every attempt to have the student in class and to notify the instructor ahead of time if class will be missed.


E. Class Makeup Policy

Missed classes may be made up for inclement weather or excused absences. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange to make-up classes. 

            Classes may be made up in the same level on a different day if available, one level up or down. Students must check in advance with Mrs Liz for availability of space in the class before making it up. 

            Classes missed due to excused absences or inclement weather closures must be made up within 30 days..  No refunds or credit will be issued for unattended classes.





F. Registration and Terms of Enrollment

A Contract of Enrollment must be signed for all new and returning students at the time of registration for each session.  The term of enrollment begins on the date of signature of this contract and continues through the next recital.  The session is comprised of a minimum of 18 hours per class, which includes performances and rehearsals. Registration fee and tuition are non-refundable. Failure to participate in classes does not alter the obligation to pay the contracted amount in full.

G. Tuition and Methods of Payment

            Payment may be made with cash, check, or online at

            Tuition will be paid in full and in a timely manner regardless of the student’s attendance.  Payments may be made monthly, semi-annually, or annually.  If tuition is paid in monthly installments, payments are due and payable the 1st of each month and no later than the 5th.  Tuition paid in installments other than monthly will be due by the 1st and no later than the 5th of the months they fall due.  A $10 late fee will be assessed for payments received after the 5th


H. Performances, Rehearsals, and Costumes

            The studio will hold one performance per year:   in June.         Rehearsals for recitals will primarily be conducted during class.  However, some rehearsals may be scheduled outside regular class times.  Dates and times of rehearsals will be posted in advance.